Water damage ? Battery doesn't charge

Hello :slight_smile:

So 2 days ago, my city got flooded, and I fell into water with the phone in my pocket…
I made the mistake to turn it on to check if it worked, and it worked just well… Until I had to charge it.

So I struggled to make it charge, but I managed to charge it thanks to some tips I found here, however it only worked once.

Now, the CPU gets really, REALLY hot, and (in my opinion) it drains more power than the battery gets, so it never charges.

What part of the phone is broken ? What module shall I buy to repair it ? :slight_smile:

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Open your phone as far as you can and let it dry for >48h before trying anything else.


I’ll try that and I’ll get in touch, but I’m kinda hopeless ^^

I just want tho know what module I’ll have to buy, so I won’t buy random modules and waste money

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Before you didn’t make sure everything is super dry it doesn’t make any sense to do any further testing or buy any module, as all modules that work now can still break until then.


You can try to clean your core module with isopropyl alcohol.
Try to get under the shielding with a spraycan and wait a few hours to evaporate.
But don’t spray the camera and top module. (due to speaker, mic and cameras)

But it sounds like the damage is already done…


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