Warranty repair in Norway

I’ve bought my Fairphone 3 last year. It seems that the core module is completely dead. No charging, no LCD…
The phone is still under 2 year garantee. But do I have a garantee as I’ve bought the phone on the fairphone web page from Norway ? I’ve read that they don’t give a garantee for countries outside EU.
I’ve tried to contact the support. It has been 3 weeks and no answer so far. It seems that I have a robot on the support. The support is really hopeless. I’m going to buy a Samsung as I need a new phone. So bad that they have forgotten the support team.
My support ticket is #515793

Luc from Norway

The warranty detail is a bit confusing.

3. Geographic coverage


  • The Warranty is valid if a Product is purchased within the European territories of the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

  • This means that Fairphone does not provide warranty service in the overseas territories of European Economic Area members, Norway and Switzerland or in other third countries.

  • So it applies to Norway but not to an overseas territory of Norway :slight_smile:

  • Likewise I’m in the UK which is no longer a part of the EU but is a member of the EEA so warranty works :slight_smile:

Norway is in the EEA

You may get some help from @formerFP.Com.Manager as you have supplied a support ticket

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Thanks for helping me. Really confusing. Has Swizerland overseas territory ? Norway has maybe Svalbard. I wish to have an answer from Fairphone directly. It seems they are living on Mars or elsewhere in the univers. They take minimum one week to answer.

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Often it helps to pick up the phone and call them to speed this up the phone number is
+31 (0)20 788 4400.


A note has been sent to an employee via an ‘internal’ option so hopefully you will get a more prioritised answer but as yvmuell has mentioned you could call.

All the best

RE: Switzerland OST Maybe hedging their bets

In Sardinia, the Associazione no-profit Sardegna Canton Marittimo was formed in April 2014 with the aim of advocating Sardinia’s secession from Italy and becoming a “maritime canton” of Switzerland.[28][29][30]

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Hi lwathelet,

Are you prepared to pay for a full repair? I ask as I have read posts here on this forum whereby the official repairer has voided the warranty due to water ingress. I would strongly advise that before you send your phone away, you dismantle it and check to see if the marker dots on the motherboard have changed colour. Perhaps take a photo if they are clear.

If the warranty is voided, and you decline to pay for a repair, you will have to pay for its return. Better you know before you send the phone off so you can decide what you want to do fully armed. I suspect that condensation is enough to cause the marker dots to change colour so just because you haven’t dropped it down the bog doesn’t mean you are safe. You never know, by re-assembling your phone, it might just work again (long shot).

A question for the forum now. What happens to the phones received by the official repairer where an owner declines to pay for repairs or return postage? Is it binned or reused? I’d hope the latter seeing as Fairphone ethics would compromised otherwise.

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A question for Fairphone although I’m sure I have read something on the forum.

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