Warranty-Processing: Catastrophic!

Hello !

My wife purchased a brand new FP3 on Dec. 20th, 2022. Due to a provider change she received 2 new nano SIM-Cards and the FP3 stops working. The 2 SIM-Cards were replaceed by the provider, but the new once also not working in the FP3. The new cards doing their job placed with an adapter into my FP2.

On January, 28th 2023 she claimed a warranty case but nothing happend until now. E-Mails are not answered by the support.

I think, this would be definitly the last FP we purchased.




Could you try with SIM cards of another provider if the phone is still working?
As you state that the phone stopped working after switching provider.

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I don’t know what happened there.
But Fairphone’s behavior towards its customers is almost criminal.
And the worst part. It won’t be long before many here will try to talk things down again and play them down.
An almost sectarian behavior that no matter what the Messiah does, he does the right thing…
It hurts me to watch.

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Are you sure that you have inserted the SIM cards correctly? A tutorial for doing this can be found here: FP3(+). Set up the SIM card(s) – Support (fairphone.com)

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So talking things down

Sure there will always be people who don’t get the product working as expected and those who get slow or unpleasant experience in getting support, but that’s not the same as saying Fairphone’s behaviour towards its customers relates to many customers, although some unhappy people will deem it almost criminal.

This is a user forum and so the response is to the ‘distraught’ user, so yes there may be a more generous view than you have at times.

With the case in hand:-

So how did you contacts as the options are

  • Using the website, Fairphone’s preferred option
  • Direct email
  • Phone call:- see to be good when there is a delay etc.

So it appears as though you haven’t heard back no matter how you made contact. Usually you will get a Case/Reference/Ticket number, so you are saying you didn’t even get that ??

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I’m not dumb: The SIM was inserted in the right way. A 16 J. old SIM of the german Telekom worked in the phone. Brand new cards not.

So how did you contacts as the options are

  • Using the website, Fairphone’s preferred option
  • Direct email
  • Phone call:- see to be good when there is a delay etc.

I replied to a dedicated - case specific - email address.

To make it clear: Fairphone have to fulfil the legal warranty claim but they doesnt.

I dont quite understand what is not working? Does the phone not recognise the new cards or is there no signal at all or just not mobile data?

So you have a ticket number? Did you check Spam folders? Did you pick up the phone and call them?

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If a 16 years old SIM is working in the phone, then the new SIM cards are to blame, thus the provider and not the Fairphone.
You seems to be barking at the wrong tree.

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So by reply you mean you have contacted Fairphone, heard from them replied but you have no response from your second ‘email’

So the 28th refers to which, the first email you sent or the second?

By the way you can’t make a warranty claim,.

What you can do is discuss the issue with Fairphone and if they decided the problem is not a user problem they will send an RMA for you to send it back.

Of course you can send at anytime at your own cost, but it may be decided it’s not covered by warranty.

It isn’t very clear to me what you have done.

You may like to try call them as I gather you may have a ticket number for ref.

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That’s really some strange behaviour by the FP3.
Old SIM cards work, but not the new ones although they work in your FP2.
This does not seem to be a hardware problem. Otherwise the old cards would not work in your FP3 or the new ones would not work in the FP2.
Have you checked, if the old SIM still works with the FP3 or if another SIM by another Provider is working with the FP3?
Do you have the latest OS version installed?

Though Fairphone should really have contacted you by now, maybe the warranty claim was not the best idea. Just maybe this moved your case from the support- to the legal-department or at least made support involve legal in your case, thus making it more complicated and delaying things.
Don’t get me wrong, that’s not your fault and it doesn’t make it right to keep you waiting.
It’s just some kind of explanation I would consider possible. And I guess that might be the case for most companies. Making legal claims means getting the legal team on the case.

I would definitely give them a call to straighten things out.

I keep my fingers crossed for you, that you get the phone working again with the new SIM cards.


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The case has been updated:

What’s next?

Within the next 24 hours, you will receive an email from Cordon Electronics on the address xxxxx@yyyyyy.de. It will include:

  • The sales return voucher and packing instructions.


SIM cards

New / Old / Different phones

Nano sims are made to specific meaurements, putting one in an adapter for the FP2 overrides that as you are then using a micro SIM in micro slot, which is not so fussy.

The SIM card maybe slightly bent in the FP3 if it is a tight fit and not make good contacts. of course you could measure the SIMs, there is info on this forum about this.

Sounds like a bad fit or the slots are not set and sized well.

Try someone else’s SIM as a test. Try a few shops etc. with a PAYG

No offense. But I have seen numerous posts here in the forum where people simply had not inserted their microSIMs correctly. I just wanted to rule this out.

Best wishes,


Just to get informed: After replacement of the mainboard everything works fine.


The aftersales is a nightmare…
I had a call with someone from Fairphone about, among other things this issue.

ToLd him … it’s not the people… your system just ducks.

It is built to discourage people from claiming anything,short term that seems a smart move… less claims save money…but you are killing the brand.

He at least did not disagree,it needs work

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