Warranty and WAP

Hello, I just bought the Fairphone 5 and I have some problems.
To begin with, I cannot activate the extended warranty via the Fairphone application. When I download the document which proves my purchase, nothing happens (besides, there is no way to register on the application either).
Then I can’t get a stable mobile hotspot. In fact I use my phone to share a connection to have internet on my computer, until now I have never had any problems with other phones. With the Fairphone 5 everything seems to work perfectly, except that every hour or so the connection cuts off at the computer for no reason (the phone still receives 4G and the mobile hotspot is still activated). I simply have to turn off the internet and the access point on the phone and then restart them, but it is still very disruptive for certain activities on the internet.
The last problem comes from the flashlight: it also stops on its own for no reason, apparently after about ten minutes. I use it a lot and I wish it wouldn’t stop like that.
Can you help me with these problems?

Hi and welcome to the community forum.

To register your phone you should be able to use either the My Fairphone app (sign in, then Home > Extended Warranty > Register your Fairphone) or on the web site: Register your Fairphone - Fairphone

If you have difficulties registering your phone, contact official support (see > contactsupport )

I personally hadn’t noticed any instability with the hotspot, but I rarely use it for an hour at a time. I haven’t seen this specific problem discussed in the forum, but have a look around. Again, you would do well to contact official support.

Regarding the flash-light auto-off: this question is dealt with in the following thread. The phenomenon is known and considered a feature to avoid unwanted battery drain and heating of the diode. They’re looking at the possibility of introducing a setting to allow the user to change this behaviour.

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About hotspot, before some time a make this test for 2hours without conn lost on NB

About registration ext.warranty in FP app, remember one person in other thread have similar problem, but success in PC browser

Thanks, i manage to do the warranty on pc with your answer!

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Hi, thanks for your work and time invested!
I am on 4g though, maybe it is not the same results…?
Besides I didn’t understand much of your technical post, I’m some kind of a newbie…

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