War robots game damaged my blue-translucent case

the title sounds maybe silly, but here is the story:
i began to play war robots by pixonic and experienced many bugs.
eg, the drop down menue (or tear down?) opened and couldnt be closed again, when pressing power button and reopening the screen and app, it worked again.
sometimes my fp2 got rather hot (but i was holding it in my hands, it wasnt that hot…)…
well, the volume up/down area of the black rubber got loose and widened somehow.
since i dont have many money, i love my fp2 and there is no blue translucent cover available, what can i do now?
which sort of glue can i use? do i have to send it back?

picture of the volume-area with my laptopscreen behind

That’s a known issue. Contact Fairphone support and attach your photo to your request. I think using the subject “cracked case” might speed up your request.


thank you very much!

I had a similar issue with my case and they sent me a new one free of charge no questions asked. A really pleasant experience actually, regarding all the negative comments on the forum about the slow support. But since the blue translucent case is not made any more, i guess you might get a different case… But what do i know :smiley:


well, it doesnt save or submit my question, using google chrome.
i filled in every information requested, no field is unanswered.
what is wrong?
(pic has 26,5kB)

I haven’t tried this myself, but I think others recommended to just pick a different option in the “What is your request about?” section. Give it a try. :slight_smile: Or just call them.

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“Module unique identifier” field gave me problems for he case when mine broke. Leave it blank and don’t forget to fill your IMEI in the previous field.

Also, this thread could be interesting for you:

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thank you very much again, that did the trick
also thx for roboe, i just clarified it as a “spare part” instead of “i have a fp2”

it was complicated but you helped me! :slight_smile:

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