Wanted! FP2 Core module

Hi everybody,

The core module on my FP2 seems to be failing due to water damage…disappointingly FP do not sell as a spare part on our website and do not offer repair service :frowning:

So I’m looking for a fully functional core module, as the rest of my FP2 works fine.
As I imagine these don’t come around very easily, I’m also open to a second hand FP2. It can be in perfect condition or not, doesn’t matter as my other modules work fine, it just has to have the fully functional core module.


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The core module was - if ever - only sold for a very brief period in the Fairphone shop.
But it was available in a few online shops of resellers (vireo, sinndrin and why computer).
In all those shops it is “sold out”.
As the core-module is virtually nearly the whole phone, this module alone was about 300,- Euro. Now that the FP3 is out and the FP2 being “in the wild” for >3.5 years, there is hardly a market for this core module, that would make it feasible to produce a new batch of them. Even more so, since producing just a small quantity would mean a higher price (maybe even more than a new FP3).

Therefore I guess, your approach really is the right and wise thing to do.
I would have linked you to the #fairphoneangels, but if I remember it correctly, there are not that many active in the UK (where you are located, according to the other thread, right?).

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