WANTED: Developers to work on the /e/ easy installer

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/e/ has releases a graphical installer: The /e/OS Installer arrives!

At the moment it supports a handful of Samsung devices and runs as Snap package on Linux.

Now it’s up to the community to add more devices and support for Windows/Mac.
/e/ OS “easy” installer: how to help it support multiple devices!
/e/ OS “easy” installer: how to help packaging it to MacOS and Windows

These are rather general discussion topics. I have started one explicitly for developing the FP3 support
/e/ OS “easy” installer: development thread about adding new devices

So if anyone is willing to spend some time to get the FP3 supported (or work on Win/Mac support), head over there to help :wink:


Small progress :slight_smile:

One prerequisite for Windows support has been done. Improvements on the script files running the low-level commands like adb and fastboot are under way. And there are some ideas making the development process more easy for starters.

Looking at the concrete steps to do I think it would also be good to have someone good at graphics programs to provide instructional images like how to enter fastboot mode etc.


Today I pushed my work-in-progress for the FP3 to the /e/ gitlab instance.

Basically one has to do the following things

  • create two config files (YAML format)
    • one to call the actual flashing scripts with the right parameters
    • a second one to customize the screens with instructions and error messages matching the steps in the first file
  • add scripts to do the actual flashing if necessary

I’ve done that and tested the flashing scripts manually. Now I’m in the process of testing them as part of the installer.

At the moment I’m faced with one problem:
The currently supported Samsung models are flashed by a combination of download and recovery mode, but for the FP3 it’s done in fastboot mode all the time.
That means for now the step to flash the partitions starts too soon. It checks that the device is in fastboot mode, but it is always in fastboot mode after the OEM unlock step, even if the user has not confirmed the unlocking yet. That way the installer already starts flashing while the bootloader is still locked.

Two possible solutions come to mind

  • force the user to click ‘continue’ in the UI instead of continuing as soon as the correct mode is found
  • make the second time the phone is checked for fastboot mode also wait until the state of the bootloader is ‘unlocked’

I’ll keep a list of detailed todos at


Hi Ingo, while I myself am useless for contributing to this work here, let me just say that I very much like how you are helping with making it easier to install an alternative OS with less Google baggage. Just wanted to clarify you’re not posting into a nirvana here. :slight_smile:


BTW, I solved my problem by going for the second option.

And while testing the installer I found a few things here and there which are also fixed now.

In fact I was able to run the installer from my IDE and successfully flash the FP3.
On the first boot after relocking the bootloader I shortly saw the LOS recovery and another reboot.
So at the moment I’m not 100% sure the flashing was successful, because on the one hand /e/ boots, but then I already had it installed before and I haven’t checked if it not just booted the other slot already containing /e/ as well.

I should probably (learn to) reflash stock ROM and really try from scratch.


First working alpha (from sources, no binaries yet) available :slight_smile:

In order to not write it all twice: details at https://community.e.foundation/t/e-os-easy-installer-development-thread-about-adding-new-devices/15461/44?u=ingo_fp_angel