Want to replace easy functionality of my old HTC Sync on my new Fairphone

Just got my new Fairphone - yeay! Old phone was HTC with HTC Sych software that with one click synchronised calendar, music, gallery, contacts etc each time I connected the phone to the computer via a USB hub. I’m a techno-dinosaur, so I need things to be easy! On reading the manual and support websites I’m getting the sinking feeling that I’m going to have to do much of this synching manually, bit by bit. Or, thanks to an earlier post, I think other people are using MyPhoneExplorer? Can anyone confirm that this is potentially the best way to achieve what I need or do you know of an alternative easy way to replicate what I used to be able to do with my HTC? Many thanks.

Hi @JacquelineHill

I don’t really know HTC Sync so not sure if this answers your question. I think syncing all of this (calendar, contacts, gallery, music …) at once is not possible. You’ll have to do most of them seperately. For my music I use DoubleTwist, for my calendar and contacts I use Google Calendar and Google Contacts, they automatically sync with my phone alongside my e-mail (Gmail), plus they are safely stored online in case your phone loses them.

I’m sure there are people on this forum with much more experience in ‘syncing’ software, so let’s see what they think about this :wink:

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Hello Jacqueline

I replaced two old HTC Wildfire S with one Fairphone.
MyPhoneExplorer (MPE) is for me much easier to handle than HTC Sync.
First Reason is that you don’t have to sync each time with the USB cable, it is also possible with Bluetooth or WiFi.
Second Reason is the easy way to create and modify contacs and calendar dates.
Third reason is that you can easily transfer files (music, photos, movies, documents) from or to the phone.
You can also install apps directly from the PC on your phone using MPE.
And last but not least: I like to write messages (SMS or WhatsApp) directly with my PC keyboard.
MPE has no unnessecary rights and a good support.- I think that I should do a donation occasionally. :wink:

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Dear Robin and Bobby,

Many thanks for your replies. Given the number of people recommending MyPhoneExplorer, I decided to try it. I downloaded the phone app successfully, but when it came to downloading the desktop component, my AVG virus/malware software spotted MalSign.Generic.35C, flagged it as a problem and deleted the download. I also checked the forum on the MyPhoneExplorer website and found I was not the only one to experience this. Quite a few people have pointed out that the downloads come with lots of Malware. So, I’m going to steer clear and find something else, unless anyone can tell me that these things are harmless. I may well try Robin’s options unless anyone else can come up with a one-stop-solution?
Many thanks

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Hi Jacqueline,
I also use MyPhoneExplorer since I got my fairphone in January. It’s not only available from www.fjsoft.at/de, but also from www.chip.de, www.computerbild.de. Both are big PC-Magazines, they check all the software in their portals. I installed the software on 2 Computers and never had problems with malware / viruses. So I can recommend this software.

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I never used HTC Sync as I wanted to be in control of what was synched. I haven’t synched my FP yet, but I assume ES File Explorer (similar to MPE) can do the trick as well.

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Many thanks to all those who responded. I have decided to go back to my HTC and return the Fairphone until it has easier synch functionality.

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There are also easier ways for syncing your data.

For syncing my Media, I use MediaGo
You need to download the windows-application ( http://mediago.sony.com/enu/download )
And the program will recognise the FP, when you turn on “USB Mass Sorage”.
(mentioned here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6DeJqeeeM0)

For syncing my Contacts, Messages and Apps, I use SnapPea.
You need to download the windows-application ( http://www.snappea.com/windows )
And for this app you also need the Android-Application
(snappea in google-play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snappea&hl=de)

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