Wallpaper and style’ setting (Material You) missing in FP4 version of Android 12?


That is not completely right.
Material You is default in A12, in googles pixels A12, but not in AOSP A12, which is probably what FPOS is based on.

To clarify: It’s available in 12L ??

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Hello !
Just a quick question,
Does it change if we install lineage OS instead of FPOS ?
Do we have more customisation options ?

It should, if LOS supports Material You.

This seems to be fixed in Software update: FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420


I guess I was a bit early to mark this solved, as its just a partial fix as long as the actual style settings are missing and the coloring can only be influenced by the colors of the wallpaper and only by changing the wallpaper (settings missing)


True. I didn’t realize at the time that the settings for this were missing.


I like the Fairphone 4. But what you do with the software is often terrible.

Due to this update, some icons are now in weird colors and there is no setting to adjust


Hi and welcome to the forum.

  • I agree some is quite disturbing, until you get used to it :rofl:
  • The OS is the vanilla version of Android, Fairphone don’t interfere with it
  • Samsung have the resources and if you do you can tweak it, but don’t ask me for help :slight_smile:

Can you check if “themed icons” are active ? This setting is in “wallpaper and style”.


Does anyone know the name of that wallpapers&style activity so we could manually launch it through another app, even if we cannot yet see it in the settings?

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There are no settings, material you is enabled however you can’t make any settings and you can only influence by changing the wallpaper, or maybe by using the mentioned app repainter

That’s how it looks on my FP3 with Iode OS (and I guess should look once integrated completely)

And that is the FP4 (settings-wallpaper)

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Hello. When do you anticipate being able to change the accent colours? After my update, everything is a tobacco yellow colour, despite having actually quite a nice wallpaper. It feels a bit like this feature was rolled out prematurely.
Cheers. :slight_smile:


I agree, they shouldn’t release half baked features. If your going to make a big change ensure there is a way to change the setting. As a developer we would face a rebellion doing this in my company.

To clarify, new features are good. The problem is when it changes the UI without any options and without enabling

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Well hello to the forum, maybe you’d like to explain why you are so upset with the update. Saying ‘shameful’ says nothing except that you are un happy with what you expect maybe.

This is a base roll out of an update to A12 and has little to do with Fairphone, except they push it to users. They are not some Samsung body with resources that can add their own flair or tweak the Android OS to any noticeable degree.


Same really, this is not a feature added by Fairphone, this is an Android 12 base update, so it’s down to Google’s idea of what the market wants, and of course there will be a minority that don’t like it.

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Not really as you can see in my FP3 Screenshot above, that is how Google provides it. The FP implemention is def missing something.

That seems to be the same on the A13 beta for the FP3

Terrible options :frowning:

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My personal guess is: the people where screaming its not there. It seems FPOS is based on A12 and not A12L which introduced this feature outside of Pixel Phones. FP tried to do their customers a favour and tried to implememt it in A12 and thats the outcome now…