Wallpaper and style’ setting (Material You) missing in FP4 version of Android 12?

Thanks for the reply. This is very helpful. I am hoping that the Android 12 style setting makes it in the hopper for subsequent updates.


HOW, on earth, can I change the accent color after this new update? This is the only thing I want to know, why is this so difficult to answer???

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If you would be so good as to read around (see also here ), you will see that a possibility is to use a third-party app such as Repainter.

There is currently a bug which is making the Settings for accent colour unavailable.

Yes, thats it… :slight_smile:

Da steht sogar “Freitag, 12. Mai” was korrekt ist von der deutschen Schreibweise her.
Mein Telefon stellt es so dar: “Freitag, Mai 12”

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Agree, I have an awfull pink orange color at this moment. I want it to go back to the lovely blue I had

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Absolutely terrible idea to ship this with no way to turn it off and no way to customize the color other than changing your whole wallpaper.

If you’re gonna hide bad changes like this is in updates with security updates you’re gonna make people not want to update, that’s dangerous.

It doesn’t matter if this change is technically from stock android, you shipped it and you did this to your users.
Switch to Android 12L if that’s what’s necessary, don’t push half assed stuff on us please.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Who’s hiding what and I see you have complained with the same tone elsewhere although this may have preceded the other.

This is a user forum and not a way to communicate with Fairphone, your rudeness in this topic is therefore just pushed in the face of other users.

Although you will no doubt have people agree with you that the [Material you] may not be to everyone’s taste, I don’t like it but the ‘us’ is over dramatic as is your tone.

I’ve worked with it and it was just the first few days of disruption I encountered, not something I would expect Fairphone to bother with

The ‘duplicate’ post in the other topic may well be read by Fairphone as they are the creator of the topic


I appreciate that you want to keep it civil and don’t care about the issue but your tone is very condescending which I don’t appreciate.

Just because you don’t view it as a serious issue doesn’t mean it’s not to other people, please let people express their frustrations and comment on the issue.


I get it, for the first few hours I was like ‘wtf’ and sure I know other people have voiced their displeasure.

Secondly I’m not asking you to be polite, I’m just pointing out that your tone isn’t a pleasant read and the best it can do is to let people know you are unhappy, but apart from relating to how upset you are what response do you expect or would you rather be ignored. If the later why post a provocative comment ???


For me it is totally contradictory that Fairphone has a forum, also posts information about an update and also wants to hear feedback in the forum and at the same time you claim that Fairphone is not reading along here, although there is also a forum officer? How weird is that?
If Fairphone doesn’t follow along, they’re not doing themselves any favors. You should urgently react to what is posted here by a large number of users. You gamble away the trust you have earned.


@anon9989719, @Spongebob , @Snuki
If you want to discuss this tone/behaviour/what others do different stuff further, please had over e.g. to this topic and dont discuss it here or in the general update topic as its off topic,. Please focus on the actual issue here and not duplicate the wallpaper discussion in the general topic.



Since the most recent update my Fairphone 4 screen has become permanently tinged green, along with the changes to the colours of the clock display and buttons.

This green tinge has affected the overall brightness and is making it more difficult to read things in bright light.

I don’t seem to be able to adjust the colour anywhere. I also no longer have control over where the internet browser search bar sits on the homepage.


Hi and welcome, i moved your post here have a look above

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As for that, unfortunately you can’t move it, never could actually. And since Android 12 there is another immovable widget at the exact same space, so you usually see one of them until the other takes over…
There is a thread on that too, but sorry, I currently don’t have the time to search it for you. There is nothing you can do anyway, except a) accept your fate and wait for Android 13, b) change the launcher (the program which determines what your home page looks like).


Just did a test on the wallpaper and menu option colours (notably the draw down menu from the top)

Had a horrible yellow tobacco colour too for the menu options
Changed background to FP wallpaper and changed to a nice blue
Changed to googlephoto and now it’s pink

The logic seems to be pick a majority colour in the photo and then make that the options. Just going to have to make a nicer background photo with softer colours to get the menu options to behave.

Ideally switch that option off and select your menu colours, which sounds like the part missing from Android 12 is exactly that?

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Seem to be finally fixed


Are there any additional UI customization options in the Android 13 update that resemble the material you UI from Pixel phones? If yes where can I find them, as I’ve been unable to see any so far

I don’t know if it works in Android 12 too but the Google App wallpaper (Hintergründe in German) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.wallpaper

Lets you change the color. It is lacking high contrast and dark colors.

It should work since Android 13

@Speycs what are you missing exactly still?

Thats how it looks for me