Wallet case for Fairphone 2 needed

I prefer to keep my phone in a “book” style case - but nead one that has slots for at least a couple of cards and perhaps paper money. Searched and searched the internet and can’t find one that fits the Fairphone 2 - retail outlets just laugh when I ask! - Has anyone found a wallet-style case that actually fits ate Fairphone2?

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Have a look in the second section here:

I guess Mobilemagic might offer something quite close to what you are thinking of.


Take a look at those which are specifically tailored for the FP2.


Great find!
She already offers a wallet for the FP3 as well.


Cheers! She made an eco leather and a vegan one. It seems the eco leather requires bumper off, and vegan one allows bumper. I like both, but I’ll buy the latter and let you know my experience.

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I bought the vegan case but something went wrong with the order. After I paid my cart was empty. And I received no confirmation email. I emailed Anna, I guess it will be fixed.

More important, both these cases are out of stock, and there’s a wait of approx 2 weeks.

Shipping in The Netherlands was free. To Germany, it is 7,50 EUR.

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Update: I got the suggestion to check my spam filter, and indeed there it was… gg, I feel stupid. Oh well, at least it is sorted :slight_smile:


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