Waiting for Fairphone 3 or buy another smartphone

I think a good hint that the actual FP3 isn’t too far away is the 10€ discount you get when registering for their newsletter now :wink:


Thanks for the hint about the used display! I should have thought about that. Instead I did end up ordering a new display. Even though I’m regularly annoyed about the constants reboots of my FP2, otherwise it does its job and ecologically I think there is no good justification for binning it just yet.

Back on topic: I would love to believe that this time around all is different, that this will actually be a “hard” product launch with immediate availability. Somehow I don’t, but maybe that’s just me. I guess we’ll know more on August 27.


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BQ Aquaris X2. The cheapest phone at the time that had this feature. Glued shut though. USB 3.1 generation 1.

It’s a more modern version of SlimPort but the same principle. In the link JeroenH provided it talks about SlimPort and before that, MHL as two standards used on micro USB before USB type C made it easier. They worked too. They basically allowed a device to receive power as well as to display audio visual, and also included a small communication channel for input such as a keyboard, a mouse, a touchscreen. So MHL and SlimPort did the same thing essentially. MHL was based on HTML and SlimPort was based on DisplayPort.

It’s not at all expensive to implement, but in the cut-throat world of smartphone competition, most smartphones just have a USB type C port that’s stuck on USB 2.0. This is not a priority for most consumers, but they’re missing out.


HDMI, not HTML. A late night post after the pub.