Waiting for Fairphone 3 or buy another smartphone

Very nice behavior. Thats too kind.

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Hey Franz,

I still got a spare battery for Fairphone 1 lying around back in Germany which I could send to you. The only thing is that your rear cover should not be damaged/skewed since the battery is a little bit smaller and uses a spacer. I can give you the battery for free, you would only need to pay the delivery… If interested just write me an e-mail: martinjkuehn add web. de (spaces to be left out, format is to prevent address to be harvest)




Hey Franz,

I still got a spare battery for Fairphone 1 lying around… se my post above. I prefer that it gets used than it “rots”… :wink:

Thanks for all your replys and offers for spare battery and so on. I think about it. But since I reset my FP1 to factory default I’m having problems installing my prefered apps like signal, notes traveller, local metro app,… because the old anroid is not supported.

Looks like FP1 with old android really comes to the end of usage for me.

Which Android Version are you using? Upgrading on Android 4.4.4 might help. Android KitKat (4.4.4) for FP1


Franz’s original question was:

" Dear Fairphone Team: If you are working on an FP3 tell us when it will come."

I think this is just a fair question, and the Fairphone management is violating the most important requirement of all the quality management system standards: “Top management shall ensure that customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements are
determined and met.”

You may also call it “the voice of the customer”.

Many managers/MBAs nowadays think, the economy is just about making money, that is, that everything is about return on investment.

It is NOT!

Fairphone is not Apple or Samsung or any other global player who is just not interested in what the customers want. They only care about how to increase the number of units they sell - that means, the shorter a device is usable, the better for them.

Therefore, I don’t like that Fairphone is treating us the way they are treating us… Customer satisfaction analysis…

@ Franz: I bought a “new” phone: a used Motorola Moto G4 Plus, for 30 Euros on Ebay. It recently got an update for Android 8. Hopefully, it will last until FP3 is available. And hopefully, the price of FP3 will not compete with Apple X or else…


Also, isn’t it the idea of Fairphone that you don’t have to buy a new phone every couple years? Like that with the module idea you can replace everything that needs replacing?

There is no general yes or no as an answer to your question.
It depends on how the phone is used.
A power user will await the FP3 impatiently as other users will keep it for longer.
But you are right if you say

you don’t have to buy a new phone every couple years

but you could, if it is available.

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FYI : FP3 will be announced by the end of august :wink: (in French)


Hi Herve, My friend who lives here in the UK (but is from France) would like to buy an FP2. Can you please tell me who in France still sells FP2s?




i need a new phone and would like to buy a fairphone but i was told that the fairphone 3 could be available frome September 2019

is that right? is it worth waiting September?

thank you


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Hi julie !
we are being told there are big news coming at the end of august. It’s probably the FP3 but we don’t have more. We don’t know the specs or the build or anything yet.
maybe you can buy a cheap phone (or second-hand) and make-do with it until you figure out what you want ? It’s always good to have a secondary phone anyway, so.

hope i answered your question,


Keep in mind the following


The good thing is: discussing a future FP3 at this point in time will not harm sales of the FP2 :wink:


Yeah, that’s why the FP2 was sold out, and then the second-life-edition too, before announcing anything ^^


True, fair point. There’s also a second-hand market of FP2. Another reason could be not to create promises which can’t be fulfilled, or to wait with announcing for the right time (hey, they do use Macs at Fairphone and Waag).

I guess you will have to look for a second-hand phone, as the “original stuff” is sold out; at Fairphone as well as at resellers.

Guys, it’s time to face the truth: Fairphone 2 is sold out, Fairphone 3 is not yet announced, so what does a company do if it has nothing to sell?
This means: Fairphone is as dead as can be!

Actually they have already teased a big reveal this summer via newsletter. It seems pretty safe to assume that we will get to know the Fairphone 3 soon. Fairphone is anything but dead.