VoWIFI works... sometime

how do you join beta?

I think the FP2 hardware can only establish a LTE connection for 1 SIM - haven’t checked how the FP3 is behaving

Interesting - I just tested on my end again, and again same result as you :smiley:

However Iam still capable to trigger the behavior: this time I couldn’t rely on the 3-10 repetions with 10s exclusively but needed to put a few (max 3) times 30s steady wifi connection in between. And I waited a few times until the vowifi icon vanished after having disabled wifi.

Whole idea is to somehow trigger lots of log-on events at the provider in short timeframe and therefore being blocked for a short time, which seems to be <5s on my end. That’s why I don’t think waiting for longer times than 30s with WiFi (and vowifi available) will do the trick, cause then the threshould might reset. And this is just my own theory :smiley:

In a consequence, once it is possible to back this theory, one might suggest to fairphone support that a retry on establishing vowifi should reoccur after 5s, 10s, 30s - I think with my provider this should do the trick to increase availability.

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Yes sure its the same on the FP3 and for the second SIM mobile data are off…this has overall nothing to do with this issue, other than reception of FPs seems sometimes weird, as 2/SIM in the same network should have same reception irrespective of mobile data turned on or not

The gap seems to be normal at least I have it when I turn VoWifi off on both SIM

I use it with both SIM without issues other than the described issue above.

then it’s a mistery.

either this is because i’m on EIT, instead of directly connected to SFR ?
EIT allow you to select the network you want to use: Orange, SFR, Bouygues.
i selected SFR network behind, but i tried with orange
with orange: vowifi was working 1 time every 10 time
with SFR : it’s better, but still has disconnections…
did not tried with bouygues. but each swap between carrier cost me 10 €… so…

Upps, I think I wasn’t clear enough: it’s not about mobile data but really the connection standard - If you are on FP2 with 1 SIM on mobile data and LTE of course, the 2nd can at max connect via 3G (of course non-data). As it is voice only, and I don’t think VoLTE is working on the FP2, it might be that the SIM without data has the better signal connection strength due to lower frequency of 2G / 3G bands. Btw, does the FP2 keep its mobile data connection during calls? (sry for off-topic :D)

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Look at


that is a closed resource only available for beta testers :wink:

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Yes the offer to join has probably closed :frowning:
You would likely have to contact the OP of that topic to enquire.

Ah! . . . . . . . . . . . :frowning:

There was a time limit on new appointees.

apparently it’s closed.
so. i’ll wait. i hope a next update will solve my problem.

Again, this one is the correct one :wink:

And as the title suggests, I think it’s open atm. Don’t get confused by the inline description :cry:

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the FP2 is not able to use VoLTE so probably no but never really looked at it, while having a phone call I normally dont use internet connection or I use in parralel my company IPhone

Yes that makes sense🙈

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that’s not what is written inside:

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Sorry, my bad, I forgot to update the title of the thread. Sign-up is indeed closed at the moment. Sorry :frowning:

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Using VoWiFi at home a lot, as I am living in an old building with thick Walls. So if you’re not near the Windows, VoWiFi is the only possibility to call or get called.
But even with the option enabled to prefer VoWiFi its often not connecting and not showing the symbol for active VoWiFi.
WiFi is at full signal strength, 5Ghz enabled, no microwave or other electric device in the near. Sometimes I even get disconnected while being on a call.
WiFi itself sometimes still being connected - sometimes also disconnecting when call breaks up.
Other devices like Handheld Consoles or Notebooks dont have any trouble with staying connected to the WiFi.

To clarify.

  • Microwave works in the 2.4GHz band so should not effect 5GHz reception.
  • When you say 5GHz enabled, do you mean on the router and/or on the phone?
  • On the router do you have separate SSIDs for each of the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz bands, otherwise the phone is able to switch ~ depending upon comparable signal strengths as you move around the house.
  • On the phone which option do you have on Wi-Fi frequency band, |Automatic|5GHz only|2.4GHz only| With a unique SSID for the 5GHz on the router you will then want to use the |5GHz only| option on the phone and accept a shorter range, which is unlikely to reach 10m and susceptible to walls and obstacle attenuation

That may be as they only pick up 2.4GHz and are not swapping due to variable signal strength.

I split my SSID’s between 2,4 GHz and 5GHz and every device is connected to the 5GHz SSID, as long as its available to the device (which is only one that cant use 5GHz)

Hi Thanks for the response, but it still isn’t clear to me. Saying if it is available means each device automatically selects, and if each is physically stationary then the signal may not change hence the connection will be stable.

You mean the FP3 and that it can but it is intermittent ??