Volume too low when connecting to external speakers (buetooth or headphones cable)


I have some bluetooth speakers that works fine with every other phones but when I connect my fairphone2 on it for music, the maximum volume is very very low.
I’ve tried to connect the phone to the speaker with a jack-cable but the music isn’t louder.
I’ve seen on other posts (this one) that some volume parameters can be set differently through engineer mode, but i can’t access the topic yet. Is it possible to know how I could change the maximum volume setup?

Thanks for your help!

I’ve got the same problem! When I want to turn up the volume over a certain point with headphones in (or some jack-cable) a notification pops up to tell me that the “System-UI” was shut down, then my background changes like i would have reset my phone. The last update didn’t change anything…

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