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Hi all,

I’m a fairphone user since less than a month, so I’m really new to it. I have not had much time for configuring it, but I have modified all the related to ringtones and volumes. But I don’t know how I’ve modified the volueme in the calls, so now I hear everyone that I call or they call me very low…

I try to increase the volume using the volume buttons during the call, but I hear them really low…If during the call I enable the speaker, I hear them fine, same for the videos, but the volume of the “inetnal” speaker is low.

anyone could give some help to increase the volume of the voice in calls?


Sounds like you did everything right: just use the volume buttons, as you did.

You can also check the settings of the Phone app: there is a noise reduction feature which can be turned on and off under [Settings] [Other Settings] when you press the menu button in the phone app. Theoretically, this could interfere with the sound quality/loudness you can get out of your phone speaker.

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first of all, thanks for your answer!
I did disable the noise reduction thing and still hearing people faaaaaaaar away… it’s strange because the sound in my first calls was great!
If you suggest something else to change, I’ll try, if not, I must restore defaults in my phone and see if the problem persists…

what do you think?


Tricky, especially since it did work at some point.

Easiest: if you have your phone in a case, it might be worth a try to remove it. Guess you’ve done that. :wink:

You could also go to engineering mode and do some hardware testing. If you have GravityBox, you can use the engineering mode shortcut there, or you can boot to a (different) factory test mode (turn off, press vol down + power) and see what your audio hardware does when testing.

Else, doing a full backup (e.g. with Titanium Backup, definetly not with the Backup and Restore function which came preinstalled with FP OS) and resetting the phone might be worth a try, sure.


sorry, I completely forgot to reply to this issue. I did restore
defaults and the sound problem disappeared!

So, I did something wrong …

Many many thanks for your anserws,


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