Volume dropdown popup doesn't clear

When I change volume, the dropdown popup at the top of the screen doesn’t clear automatically anymore, I have to tap elsewhere on the screen to remind it to go away. I’ve recently got a replacement for my Failphone and this one is so far so good, but it’s winding me up. Anyone else had this problem/know how to fix it?

I noticed the same behaviour, so I don’t think it’s (only) your phone :slight_smile:

Mine still clears after approx 4 seconds with latest FPOS.

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Mine too. So this seems to be normal behaviour.

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I do not have this problem, too.

Do you have the problem that the volume control does not disappear automatically after changing the volume?

  • I have this problem
  • I do not have this problem
  • I can not/did not test it

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Thanks guys! Mine has started clearing now, but after 10 seconds, which still seems like a long time. Weird!

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