Volume control gripe

I can see that this has been raised before but it looks as though the discussion threads are locked due to lack of activity. Anyway, I’m just having a winge really cos the steps in volume are too big (Fairphone 3+). There would be a sweet spot of perfect volume between two of the volume steps. Anyone else feel this way? Anyone got any clever tricks?

The PixelXpert Magisk-Module allows changing the volume step-count. It needs a rooted device and might be incompatible with certain OS’s, so your mileage may vary.

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If you are talking about Bluetooth, I had the same problem. For me answer was to go into developer options and Enable “Disable absolute volume”. This means your bluetooth device will no longer change the volume on the phone, only its own. By enabling this, your phone and bluetooth volume will be seperately adjustable. If your phone volume is at zero, nothing your headset will do to change it. I set phone to near max and just use the BT vol control.

What was happening in my case was each press of the headset vol up moved both phone and headset up a vol step in effect making one push do two steps.

If you are talking about wired headset volume, this won’t help.


The FP3 volume range (w/o BT) is currently 0 - 15, so quite a number of steps, but maybe not including your “sweet spot”.

To work around that, when music is playing, pull down the Notifications pane which should show a widget for the audio app you’re using. This works from the lock screen too.
Tap the top right-hand corner of the widget, where the current audio output is shown. A dialogue will open containing a touch slider that’s not incremented and will let you set the volume to any intermediate level.