Voltage of Fairphone 3+

I have a Fairphone 3+, I live in England and I’m going to Spain for a month. Which kind of plug do I need, regards voltage? I’m not sure what the Fairphone can cope with, they use 230 v in Spain, what voltage can the Fairphone take?

The Fairphone only takes 5-9V DC. So it has nothing to do with the phone, but the charger you use.
And 230V is the same like in England.


As similar to incanus response.

The usbC port on the phone can take a voltage provided by the charger.

The charger may be a 12V type used in a car or a 115V or 230V mains charger.

The phone uses a QC3 communication system with the charger. If the charger is QC3 compatible it can draw a higher voltage and then reduce it in the phone, but the charger is unlikely to give out more than 19V

If you use a ‘common’ USBA to USBC cable and connect to a PC or other device that gives out 5V then the phone will charge slowly, depending upon the current the USBA port provides.

So any adapter than allows you to use your current charger in Spain will do.

There’s an example of an adapter here, note it has two USBA ports that you can plug the cable into too.

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