Voicemail code number

What’s the default voicemail code?, i.e. when you dial in externally? I want to change it. Thanks.

Depends on your telecom provider I think

I’ve rang Phone Coop several times and they keep telling me different numbers, none of which work.


I don’t know if the number changes if you are on pay and go or contract, but I have found this help article for Pay and go where the number is +447870020555 or 07870020555 or 555 (all are the same number)

[Edit: I also found this which would suggest that the above numbers should work for all customers]

Does this work for you?

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry I guess I wasn’t clear, I mean the voicemail PIN not the number you dial to access your voicemail.

Ah! Ok!

"To access voicemail and to set up a voicemail PIN, dial 555 and follow the instructions"

From this I would say that there is not meant to be a default PIN and that you set this up when you access it for the first time. I’m not on their service, so I don’t know for sure.

You could try their online service to see if this allows you to reset your own PIN (if you haven’t used this there is a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to request a password for this).

Otherwise, I think you’ll have to ask the Phone Coop to reset your PIN.

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Yeah I did that but to change the PIN (or access code as the voicemail service calls it), it asks for the present PIN, presumably a default PIN, which no-one seems to know! I did what you suggested re the online service and the password seems to be unrelated to the PIN as it’s letters and numbers and the access code has to be numbers only. Might try Phone Coop again and say it has to be them that knows it. Thanks

If you find out what the default PIN is from them, would be worth updating here just in case others need it (and the answer doesn’t appear to be on the net)

They said it was 0000, although they originally gave that to me and it didn’t work. They had to ring the supplier (Fairphone themselves?) and get them to reset it so it was that code. That might have just been a problem with my individual phone or provider so 0000 may be the default access code for everyone else. Thanks again for the help.


Glad it’s sorted, but surprised that FP had to get involved. I can’t think what that would have been other than a PIN on your Phone…