Voice mail on Dual SIM on FP3 with e/OS, can't receive message

I am using dual SIM. On SIM 1 the provider is BEN. On SIM 1 I’ve received a voicemail message. This is my business number. I don’t have a data account on that number so “mobile data” is off . When I type the number for voicemail it picks the voicemail of the second SIM card. The second SIM card has another provider, KPN. Both numbers to connect to the voicemail are the same. In this case that is 1233.

How I choose which voicemail to dial?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I am using e/OS on a FP3.

Do you use both SIM cards for outgoing calls?

I have set the dial preference to always ask which SIM I want to use for a call.

Thanx for the quick response! No I set the preference for outgoing calls to the second SIM card.

Thanx a lot Yvmuell that is at least a partial solution. I managed to listen to the Voicemail now which is great. Don’t you find it inconvenient having to choose all the time? Isn’t there another trick?

No actually I want it that way to avoid to call business customer with my private number. So the only other workaround I could think of is to switch to SIM 1 only when you need to call the mailbox instead of always asking, not sure what is the bigger hassle for you.

Yes you are right, When there is no work around that does make sense the most. Don’t have voicemails that often. Thanks again. Nice community this is btw. Many helpfull and friendly people.