Videos are vertically shifted


I have noticed that when I take a picture, the phone does take what I see but when I make a video it is vertically shifted, which is very annoying. Sometimes, I can cut the head of my speaker for example!
Any suggestion for this?


I could reproduce your issue with the stock camera app. It happens at the 1920x1080 30 fps setting. Actually, both top and bottom edge of the video (as previewed while recording) are cropped off.

I had no cropping

  1. In the stock app, either turning off Video Stabilization, or using the 4K video resolution
  2. Using Open Camera

Hope this helps!


Thanks Fidelious. Open Camera does help !

I discussed the issue with FP Support.

After some iterations, I proposed to set the zoom in the video preview according to the recorded area after applying Video Stabilization. This would make things much more intuitive - more what you see is what you get.

Support accepted to forward this request to the Tech Dept. I will report back here when there’s a followup from them.


How to reproduce:

  1. hold the phone in portrait mode
  2. zoom to 8x
  3. find something that fits in the screen and record a video
  4. play the video

Expected result:
Video shows what I have seen on my screen during recording

Actual result:
Video shows a different part of the scene: moved down and a bit to the right

Reproducible 100%. This does not happen when I record in landscape mode.

Fairphone 3
Build 8901.2.A.0120.20200421

Hi @Kurt_Huwig,

could you please report this to Fairphone Support. Then this will be fixed in a future update.


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Welcome to the community forum.
I moved your post here to avoid duplicate topics.

The advice of @JuengerJesu is correct. In the current absence of a public bugtracker please directly inform Fairphone support of the problem.
Even if it seems they discussed this already with @fidelious, it can’t hurt to alert them nonetheless to possibly add to the scope and urgency of the problem.


I’ve recently bought a FP 3+ and have the same issue. When I make a vertical video, the left part of the video is cropped somehow… If I use the Open Camera app, I do not have this issue.


Now using FP3+, and I still have the same issue. It does not happen when taking a picture though.

Hi, still the same issue with the FP3+ which I bought in March 2021. It cropped off the faces in a HORIZONTAL video too - very unfortunate. Any news when this will be fixed?

You may like to try an alternative camera app if you are happy to download and install.


NGCam_8.1.101-v1.0 (Nikita, 2021-02-19, configs)