Vibration for alarms (used as a wake up alarm) does not work in energy saving mode (since update 17.8.1 or even before)

I have a software problem. The vibration does not work anymore with alarm and incoming calls… since a couple of days … probably after installation of update 17.8.1. It is not a physical damage, as the hardware checkup “vibration motor” works without any problem.

Please check in the settings of the phone at ‘Sound & notification’ if the dot after 'Also vibrate for calls" is green.
In the settings of the phone app check if the box after 'Also vibrate for calls" is ticked.
I can’t find a setting for vibrate in the alarm.

Yes these settings have all been switched on for long time on my phone and the update didnt change anything. Still, vibration does not work anymore after the update.

I just checked on mine (FP Open Vibration works.
However, what I did before was deactivating the vibration and activating it again. I am not sure if it worked before, I had a “feeling” it did not.

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Dear DietmarP,
Thank you for this solution - at first sight I thought this solution worked with my phone as well. However, now I have identified the real cause. My alarm is configured as “vibration only” without any tones (I do not want to wake up my family with this). When the phone goes into energy saving mode somehwen during the night (when I sleep), the the alarm does not vibrate in the morning (only visual alarm). Hence, the problem is that the FP2 does not vibrate in alarms when in energy saving mode - which doesnt make sense in my opinion. I think I have changed this some weeks ago - hence the problem might even be unrelated to the recent update and have been existing long before?

Thank you


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