Viber: can't switch off loudspeaker

After two or three calls the Viber app does start with loudspeakers on (for both incoming and outgoing calls) and there is no way to switch them off in order to talk without all people around hearing my conversation partner. The switch for ‘loudspeaker’ in the Viber menu does not react, and I didn’t find any useful option in the settings. Only solution: uninstall and reinstall Viber. Can somebody give me advice?


Sounds to me like a bug of the App wich I don’t know how to fix but I have one idea that might help:
On F-Droid (probably on google play too) there is an app called “PerApp”. It lets you change system settings like volume, orientation lock and screen timeout for every app seperately.
You could try to change Viber’s Volume with it.

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