Very slow charging

My fairphone takes over 9 hours to fully charge. It is a bit frustrating since i just bought it 3 weeks ago more or less. I tried changing the powerplug to one with the reccomended voltage. But it still dose not work. The charger was quite expensive, therefore i really need to find the right solution before i throw away more money on solutions that dosent work :smile:
Anybody knows of this problem?

Hi. There is no recommended voltage as such. 5V is the mimimum and as such will charge from an old PC USB A socket, etc. But this may only give 500mA and it will take 9 hours to charge. @ 2.5W

The phone has a Qualcomm chip on the main boards that can negotiate up to 20v at 3A an in theory can supply 60W for short periods.

Please see if you can find a QC3 compatible charger, and by the way try to avoid charging to 90% to reduce strain on the battery

For more info check out the forum

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Just remind the cable is as important as the charger, so another cable and/or cable charger combination should help. I use very old charger and my FP4 charges normal or fast.


For this I have plans to build a small external device, nothing fancy but a simple time based unit to quickly set a charge time limit.
No precise plans by now, but a generic unit that simply switches off the usb power after a preset time.
At least this way with some experience how long the full charge process usually takes users can set a charge limit if there is no app installed to take care of it and iirc this would also require rooting the device which would not be a solution for all users.
I’ve also given in a feature request to Omnicharge for their newest Omni 4.0+ powerbank to come in the close future. I don’t know of any other powerbank that would offer such a useful feature with a timer based usb output. Current based would be better but needs more sophisticated circuitry increasing development demand and costs.
Their biggest model Omni Ultimate at least does switch off once the attached device reaches almost 100% to not being permanently powered. But then again the 90% limit is already passed.
I’m curious if they will implement such a feature.

You can mess with the phone, maybe root it and use an app to stop charging at say 80%

The problem with timing is that it never charges at the same rate, well for me.

It can depend al lot on how low the battery is as when it is very low it takes ages to get going, then in the middle it can be very rapid, but not guaranteed etc.

Best to charge whilst your at a desk doing other things or nearby so you can check, charging overnight is one of the worst ways to charge, as you have little option to monitor it.

Maybe an app that beeps when it’s 80% ???

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