Very hot fingerprint sensor


Since today, the fingerprint sensor of my FP3 is getting very hot (I burned my finger).
When switching the phone off, it cools down, after switching it on, it gets very hot again.
I tried ##66## the Services tests > Test Single > Fingerprint Test and received ‘finger_result.txt’

It seems the sensor has a serious hardware defect.
Now to my question: as I’m on vacation and have no access to tools or a backup phone, is there a way to deactivate the sensor via software (e.g. special code)?

Thanks a lot!

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If you have no warranty left (as you would void it going past Step 7) all you need is a small #00 phillip’s screwdriver to



Thank you Amoun!

Will the phone work without the fingerprint module?

Disassembling the phone is the second best option here on the camping site, so maybe there is still a software trick available…

Yes it will also work without either of the cameras and the bottom module.

I would not bet that it’s the fingerprint sensor itself. As you can see in amoun’s link (esp. Step 9, in the three photos), it sits right next to both the battery contacts and the main chip of the FP3.

While I really cannot guess what is wrong with the device, I would strongly recommend to backup all your data while you still can, e.g. to a micro SDXC card or better to a computer (much faster than to the card).


Thanks all for your feedback. I’m afraid I have to find a used spare part, as the Mainboard is not available any more.

@Marc164 as you had exactly the same issue, how you solved it, or which part caused the problem in your case?

Both the core module and the rear module (the latter includes the fingerprint sensor) have never been directly available in Fairphone’s spare parts shop, but only through an official repair in Fairphone’s Repair Service in France:

This can only be done after contacting Fairphone Support first.



my problem was about software that caused instability in connection with the finger print sensor. With new software updates the problem was solved and the sensor now works reliable for a few months already.

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Hi all,

I have removed the fingerprint sensor, following the linked document. Photo is now working again as expected, only the fingerprint sensor is missing. So, it seems it has been a HW problem. Thanks all for your help


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