Vertical Quick Launch from navigation button

Hi folks,

I’m using the Fairphine Open OS, and after installating Duckduckgo app (it’s a Browser) from F-droid, I found that a quick launch has been implemented on my Fairphone : when I swipe vertically from one of the 3 buttons in the lower part of the screen, the Duckduckgo browser is launched and I found it very usefull.

1- I’d like to know if it is possible to configure this swipe directly from the Fairphone Open OS in order to launch the Fairphone Browser ?
2- Or if an app exist that will allow me to configure it by myself ?
3- Do you kow if Fairphone has considered this gesture for Fairphone OS developement ?
4- If no, can it be considered in a future develeopment has an new or optionnal gesture ?


I don’t know if that is what you are talking about but if you long tap the home button you start the search function of your standard browser (usually withe your default search engine, but that’s not the case for all browsers).

On Fairphone Open OS it doesn’t work, but it is the case with the Duckduck app.
Do you know if it can be configured somewhere ?

For me it worked with Fairphone OS 16.04. I haven’t had a chance to test 16.05 yet as my display didn’t survive a recent toilet dip, but I don’t believe this function was discontinued.
It is configured by choosing a default browser and a default search engine. Maybe with the standard browser only preset search engines work and duckduck go doesn’t?

For more info:

I have re-installed the 16.05 version and there is no quick launch setted for the home button, while it is the case in the Fairphone OS version which launch Google with a vertical swipe.

In the Browser parameters (Fairphone OSOS) I have configured the home page to launch Duckduckgo webpage, even if it not available in the search engine screen. Or I can use the F-droid app alternatively.

I haven’t had a lot of time but I haven’t been able to find the way to configure the hom button.

Can you check if it was really available in the 16.04 version and if it can be re-integrated in the 16.06 version ?

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