Various volume problems (anyone else having more than one?)

Hi all! I’ve noticed a couple of threads on similar volume related topics, but I’m wondering if they might be related somehow so I’m listing the ones I’ve experienced here:

  • the in-ear speaker (is that right? above the screen) highest volume is too low for me to hear the other person during calls in slightly noisier environments
  • the external speaker highest volume is also too low during calls (on speakerphone)
  • the external speaker lowest volume is too high for ringtone and notifications (not discrete enough)
  • the headphones lowest volume is too high when the phone rings (I’m using Sennheiser in-ears, incidentally the inline volume control doesn’t work now but play/pause does)

I’d say that the volume range overall is a little off, I think I’d prefer another couple of steps at the top and bottom of the range. Are any of the other people who have reported too low/high volume experiencing more than one problem too?

As far as I can tell, FP are aware but there are more serious issues that are being dealt with first. Anybody have any workarounds for now?