Various Questions FP4

As a new FP user (4 months), after a lifetime of Samsung phones it’s fair to say it has taken some getting used to. Overall, I am glad I made the switch. No bloatware, less spying - a competent, effective phone.

I do however have some things I’d like to understand. They either confuse or infuriate me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • The first is camera software. As a reasonable photographer (albeit colour blind) the over saturation drives me NUTS. It’s as if a child has been let loose with a pallet of colours and simply dumped all blues, all reds, all yellows on at once! Even in PRO mode! They are genuinely unusable - offensive even. Does anyone else find this? Is there other camera app which can directly access & control the camera to stop this artificiality occurring? Do other camera apps improve the shutter response? I can go grow coffee beans & roast em tween pressing the shutter and it actually exposing! Hardly one for capturing the ‘moment’ :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Does anyone know how to remove the browser from the bottom of the home screen?

  • Can I alter the 5 button width to 6?

  • Can I get rid of the date & time at the top of the home screen? If so can I put another row of apps in?

  • I use SumUp to take cards so my customers can pay me. Unfortunately, when the app opens I seem to get both the charge screen AND a web page ‘underneath’, in the background! Anyone any clues as to why? This one is now sorted. I rebooted and it now works!

Your help/guidance is much appreciated :crossed_fingers:

Sounds like you may give Gcam a try. And also an alternative launcher will likely solve some of your issues. If you search for “Gcam” and “launcher” you may find more information.

Sorry, can’t give more details now, bit busy :slight_smile:


These things can typically dealt with by a different “launcher”. Nova Launcher or Lawnchair are frequently suggested here as options that will allow you many more customizations of the general setup of your user interface.


I feel your pain :see_no_evil:
Have you tried disabling HDR? That desaturates the colours a bit. But ultimately that’s how people seem to like their photos now I guess (judging from what I see posted to social media) :man_shrugging:

You can try one of the GCam ports as @UPPERCASE suggested, but you will lose access to the wide angle lense and 48mpx mode. And for my taste GCam pictures are still too colourful.


Thanks for the GCam suggestion. Losing the wide angle and 48mpx mode does however seem a very high price to pay simply to be able to replicate what’s actually seen rather than an acid trip version (allegedly) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’ll try to disable HDR 1st… :crossed_fingers:


Downloaded Nova, installed, setup & my woes are no more. Many thanks for that advice. Personally, I’d ship the phone with it already installed as it’s so much more friendly & configurable…


Hmm. I must be missing something. No matter where I look, I cannot find anywhere to disable (or enable) HDR. Any clues?

Sure, here you go :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you but I don’t have that choice on my FP4 :thinking:

Huh, weird, that’s the regular stock Fairphone Camera app on an up to date FP4 :thinking:

That one to be specific :point_down:

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I rebooted it & now its there! Very odd…
Anyway, HDR is now off & it’s still awfully saturated :confused:

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Can you show us an example? Maybe it’s ‘normal’ and you just don’t like it.
In the FP4 gallery, I can’t tell that all pictures with the stock camera app are that awfully saturated.


Unf I’ve deleted them. I feel they worse on a really bright day but that may be wrong. I’ll try to take some later today & post them.
Thank you for replying BTW :slightly_smiling_face:


did the photos look oversaturated on the phone or was it the same on another device, too? because Fairphone’s display is using an oversaturated colour profile by default, you can change it to a more realistic preset in the display settings.


Hmm. Now I never got as far as looking at them on the PC in Photoshop. Very good point. Thank you for pointing it out :+1:


Did you notice the stepwise functioning of the zoom lens when taking a video? This is somewhat ANNOYING! Some camera manufacturers brought their software to take a smooooooth zoom when video is activated, but FP4 does it in very distinctive steps. This is just a software (!) problem - as well as over saturation of colours, over sharpening of edges, etc.

Can’t say I have as I’m not a video user. Can well imagine it’s infuriating if you are though. I remember a Fuji bridge camera I had years ago with a fixed telephoto. That stepped and was just awful!

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