"Variable speed" on video files?

Are any of you experiencing any issues when importing video files into a video editor?

When importing into video pad I just get a generic “file can’t be loaded”. When I tried Shotcut I was told that the video had variable speed. And I notice that the first seconds seem almost slowed down compared to the rest.

I have a brand new Fairphone 3+ (and the apps work fine with videos off my Samsung S8).

If you are talking about files with a variable bitrate, there is nothing unusual with that and it shouldn’t be a problem in video editing software. The frame rate is fixed, did you check whether it matches the setting in your video editor if there is any when creating a project?

On what operating system are you running these video editors?

All it said was that the video had variable speed.

No options as far as I could tell on Shotcut. However I only just downloaded it because I couldn’t get videopad to work, so I am not at all familiar with the software.

I use Windows 10.

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