Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

How can I build this myself? I just cannot wait… :wink:

You could ask in the Sailfish community.
Maybe you’ll find help there:

Installed the community version and was impressed, a smooth experience. So much better speed than original Jolla. And the camera is much better than Jolla 1 as well.
I ran the community version for a month, despite some nasty bugs:
the phone freezes during or after a call (not always, but often, requiring a reboot, not practical for a company phone), some visual effects lacking (transparancy of app drawer was missing). After installing a new sim, mobile internet was gone. That’s why I reinstalled android. Not for long, I hope, I really want my sailfish back. Glad to have my Jolla around :slight_smile:
You can find some of my sailfish photos at the reviewjolla site with instructions.


New release of Sailfish OS for Fairphone 2 is going to be available soon. The App drawer is not supposed to be transparent, at least on my Jolla phone it’s the same as on Fairphone 2. The phone app freeze bug is not yet fixed even in the upcoming release but hopefully in the release after that. The randomly missing mobile internet toggle and settings is a known bug in the alpha1 release, I haven’t noticed that occurring anymore in the upcoming alpha2 release.


do we have any news from jolla, whether they gonna release official OS for fairphone? really tired of android but i do need couple of android apps for work =( starting to think if it was a mistake to buy fairphone, althoug the phone itself is wonderful

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I don’t have knowledge of what Jolla and Fairphone are discussing. There has been work done to get community support of Android apps to Sailfish on Fairphone 2 and other ported devices using sfdroid, last new I heard is that they got it working on a android 5.0 (cm-12.1) based port for the first time just a couple of days ago, previously it was working only on some cm-11.0 based ports. We’ll see how that develops.

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Thanks, just give me a call and I’ll upgrade :slight_smile:
And you’re right, the app drawer was transparant on Sailfish 1.

The phone app freeze is annoying although sometimes I’ve been able to get around it by pressing the power button to lock the screen and then unlocking. Works sometimes but not always.

Also, randomly the screen might freeze in any situation -getting to the lock screen as above and if that’s also non-responsive then sometimes it helps to make the stretch or zoom-in gesture to get the response back without rebooting.

Keep up the good work! :smiley:

I just installed it and it looks really nice.

If I could have Signal on it. I would keep it…

Which version did you install?

In the about this product it says: build

I also missed it when I tested SF some time ago. I think libreSignal was already available for sailfish (i read somewhere), but after some protests from Signal this fork was abandoned a few weeks ago. A real pity, as it did not use Google services for push notifications.

Anyhow, I also still miss dual SIM support. The lack of dual SIM support renders SF useless for me at the moment. I hoped the development was already further, I would immediately have bought a license, but it seems that the waiting period for me will take longer than i hoped.


Wonderful news is, this was an OTA update, didn’t have to wipe the phone or anything, and things went relatively smooth.

Couple of weirdnesses (Camera app acting up, for one; boot glitches with touch screen input and lock codes), but when it boots OK, looks like core functionality works stable. Well, guinea pig time starts now, I guess should give it a week or so to know better.

Images are still not ready for public release, so gotta get on IRC #fairphone-sailfish and ask around. The OTA process isn’t difficult at all if you’re upgrading from alpha1.


Okay, what would you say: Should I wait for 2.0.2 or install 2.0.1 (in the IRC they told me that there is no link for installing 2.0.1)

it depends whether u want to live with some bugs or not =) but 2.0.2 is bringing some cool features. Finally we can use 2 sims on FP2 for example. But again, there are some bugs in SF itself, since it’s an early access.

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I see a link to this topic at TJC. So do we also hear some good news about SailfishOS on FP2 :smile:?
If so, i will try to come :wink:

Sailfish is running fine on my FP2 (without alien dalvik atm.) We have also one more guy in our Berlin Sailfish Group, who is on SF on FP2.

if you want some more information about it - contact me over email: explit@gmail.com


Sailfish OS alpha2 released for Fairphone 2, installation instructions available at https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_fp2.


Thank you, mal!
Great work. Me and many others, I guess, are very happy that you are so dedicated to SFOS on Fairphone.

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Thank you very much mal- for making SailfishOS on FP2 a smoothest SailfishOS Experience!
Your port is faster, than on Jolla C or Jolla Tablet… Its so cool…

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