Using microSD memory card

I’ve recently bought a new SP and added a micro SD card but can’t actually save anything to it. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

I can’t see any other recrd of this happening with anyone else.



  1. Does it work with other devices?
  2. Do you see it in the Fairphone’s Operating System (OS)? (Go to Settings > Storage to check.)

If you can see it, the first thing I would do, is to format the (micro)SD card (Settings > Storage > Erase SD card).

Could you solve your problem? :slight_smile:

What’s an SP? Did you mean FP (Fairphone) or are you talking about a soni xperia sp?
In the second case I’m afraid you ended up on the wrong forum as we are all about the Fairphone.

Sorry, typo. It should have said FP not SP. THanks

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Thanks for this. I have checked and yes, I can see it in Storage. I have just erased the SD card. I have also selected SD Card in Default Write Disk but it still does not store pictures or music there.

Any advice?


Hi, I’ve just looked at my previously saved photo’s and they have gone so they must have been saved on the SD card but were not showing there as they are now gone.

So, I will assume that they are being stored there in future.