Using Maps app on Fairphone 3 with /e/OS and Dual Sim

I am trying to use maps on my Fairphone but it says no GPS and only gives me an option to run the demo.
On SIM 1, I don’t have a data subscription, so data is turned of.
On SIM 2 I do have a data subsciption.
I wonder if data needs to be active to recognize GPS and for MAPS to work?
I wonder if MAPS is using automatically the first SIM. Can I appoint MAPS to the second SIM?
Thanks a lot for your help!

Just to make sure: You have LOCATION activated in your FP3 settings?

For others: Maps on /e/OS is a fork of Magic Earth.


Thank you Urs. Yes I have location activated while using the app. Downloaded “Here we go” app to test. But it seems to have the same problem. How do I know which SIM the navigation app is using? Would it be smart to switch the slot of the SIM?

I dont use e/OS but overall see issues with GPS on the FP3 sometimes more sometimes less, with different Apps like Magic Earth, Outdooractive etc. I have installed the App GPS Test for those cases and recently it took 106 sec to get a fix, however once a fix is found most times navigation works afterwards… I also noticed that turning off Wifi sometimes helps to get traffic data/Internet connection (or just a coincidence?)

Edit: as long as I had FPOS installed it helped to just activate Google location stuff in such cases, however since using Iode thats no longer possible. So I have to get used to take some time to prepare GPS bevor I actually start my trip🙃


“Here we go” is working now but MAPS still only show DEMO in the top right hand corner.

Outside or in a building? Did you close and restart Maps?

Do you have Wifi and BT search activated?


Restarting the phone did the trick. Thank you very much for your help.
Have a good day!


What do you learn from GPS test?

I see if and when the FP GPS finds a fix and how long it takes to find the fix (TTFF) normally it should only take a few seconds and probably how many. For me a tool, when I note that Magic Earth or other Apps will show a complete incorrect location, to check whats going on and as said, once a fix was found the navigation apps run better. My issues do not seem to be related to the OS, as I had them with FPOS and now with Iode A11+A12. For both OS, it initially worked very well for a while and then it started to be unreliable, currently I’m trying to use the Navigation more often to see if I can somehow indicate anything causing it. Or maybe the GPS on my FP3 is just “broken” somehow.

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I just had issues with missing GPS in /e/ and Osmand.
It was strange because GPSTest did find satellites.

The solution was to reinstall Osmand (make sure to backup all Osmand files first).

For speeding up the GPS fix, I´m using "microG → location modules → GSM (with wireless towers database saved locally on the phone). But I couldn´t say if it really speeds up the search and how much faster I get the GPS fix.

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