Using hotmail on open OS

Hi. hotmail doesn’t load on the open os browser (not as an app) even tho it used to be ok.
any ideas to reset?

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When you mean it doesn’t work on the OpenOs browser, you mean Firefox Klar? And does this means you tried other ones? And on a computer?


no on the standard browser.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Firefox Klar is the standard browser for OpenOs… I’m actually pretty sure. Isn’t it this reddish Firefox icon?

no. its not.

Ok sorry, then it changed.
Repeating my other questions:

its not an issue with hotmail I think becaus that works fine on computer.

Did you try on Chrome, or Fennec F-Droid, or Lightning or any other browser on your phone?

nope. just regular browser.

Well then I recommand you to try, if it works on another one, the problem is probably with the default browser.


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