Using FP2 via bluetooth in car?

Hello there,

I have trouble to use my FP2 via bluetooth in my car (Skoda OCTAVIA). The problem is as follows: Whenever I try to dial a number from the list of contacts via the buttons on the steering wheel, a dialog box pops up on the FP2 asking which sim card to use. Via the car’s bluetooth interface, however, I cannot select the SIM to be used, which results in the call being canceled. So in essence, I need to avoid that FP2 asks for a sim to be used.

  1. unsuccessful solution approach:
    Setting either SIM1 or SIM2 as preferred for calls in settings menue.This does work for any number dialed number-by-number via the car interface, but for the ones from the list of contacts. Choosing any one of them, I am still ask which sim to be used. The problem remains unsolved.

  2. unsuccessful solution approach:
    I switched off (deactivated) one of the simcards in the FP2 settings. Does this solve the problem? Surprisingly, not for the contacts in my address book. FP2 stills ask to choose a simcard for dialing the number.

To it seems as if there is a bug in the OS and how it handles the two sims. Does anyone have a suggestion what I could try to make a call while driving without taking the hands off the steering wheel?

Thanks in advance.

You can also set the preferred SIM directly in the Phone app, it seems that in some cases the app ignores the general settings.
In the menu go to Settings --> Call settings --> Phone account settings --> Make calls with.

Thanks Irina. Your suggestion works. :slight_smile: