Using Fairphone 2 without SIM card

Hi there fair people!

I just received my refurbished Fairphone 2 and I am waiting to receive a new SIM card. In the meanwhile I started using the phone without any SIM card (since the former one doesn’t fit). The thing is, the phone quickly gets BURNING hot on top area (processor I guess). I never leave any other app - than the one I am using - running in the background (always “kill” them right away). I am pretty ignorant when it comes to mobile technology, but I looked it up and all I could find relevant were topics mentionning the processor getting hot because of SIM cards.

Here’s my question : is it possible that my Fairphone is always quickly getting too hot because I am using it whithout any SIM card? If not, what could it be?

Sorry if it sounds dumb, I have emailed the Fairphone Team but have no answer yet.

Thanks a lot

No, it is not likely that your Fairphone is getting hot because of the missing sim card!
Are you currently setting it up and charging at the same time? If not, try to power down the device, remove the battery and restart again.
If that does not help, you could try a factory reset. And if that does not help, your device could be faulty, so it is good you contacted support.

At the moment, their response time is about 11 days, so you could think about giving them a call.

On general note: Force closing all apps in background is likely not helping, since these apps need to be restarted every time which greatly reduces the perceived speed of the device and can even have a negative impact on battery live.

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Hi Ben,

Many thanks for your response!

First of all, yesterday I tried to turn my FP2 on - that was before reading your response - and it wouldn’t so I pressed the power button for like 5 sec, I’d say, and it turned on with the “no command” androbot lying down (“belly door” open) even though I am pretty sure I didn’t press the volume up button at the same time (maybe I did it without noticing). I know this is recovery mode, and it didn’t even change anything anyway.

Then I saw you post and decided to call Support team before trying anything you’ve adviced (like removing battery). Support team said it has nothing to do with the absence of a sim card (like you said), that it was an abnormal behaviour of the phone and that I’ll have to send it back to them for check/repair.

I told them about the recovery mode and also about something I forgot to mention here on the forum : the fact that I inserted an SD card from my former phone - Samsung Galaxy S2 - in order to get my contacts back (phone numbers). I also got some apps back but that was an initiative from the FP2 itself. Support team said this might be useful information.

Now I have just received an email with the process to follow in order to sent the phone to repair (I’ll be grateful if there’s any piece of advice you can give me on the best way to back up my phone btw). Which is what I am going to do.

So, if you are interested in knowing what will come out of this (repairing process, what is the actual problem and its solution) or have any questions, it will be my pleasure to get back to you.

Also, thank you for the general note about closing apps :slight_smile:


Sorry, i can’t give you useful back up information, I’m afraid. I simply copy all images to my PC, make sure my contacts and calendar are synced to my account via DavDroid and I use simplenote for notes.

This way, Except for pictures, all information I care about is stored in the cloud and can be restored with my passwords. So my advice: Make sure you have all your passwords and login information. If you use 2FA using a authenticator app, make sure you disable that to, until you setup your new device.

I was sceptical about cloud services before, but after several device changes over the recent years, this is simply the best way for me. It also spares me the hassle of transferring any apps or stuff.

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