Using Apps in /e/OS

Gloria in excelsis Deo!
I rooted and installed /e/ on my Fairphone 3.
I dont have access to mms, and I do worry a bit about the ethical/moral side of using the app “Apps” e’s equivalent to Google play.
Inside some of the apps (like the camera) are links so I can support the appdevelopers with money. This links never function.
I did enjoy Tomoyuki Onos Simple analog clock on Google play and was able to support her.
I am not able to do the same using /e/.
/e/ is stable enough for me, but the limited appselection may discourage users without my special interests.

The Google play in-app payment function can’t be used within /e/OS (as in other custom ROMs). But some app developers offer also payment beside the function within the app (based on in-app payment). Just contact the app developer to ask for it.
If there’s an app you don’t find in /e/OS Apps app then you can request it within the app or you can install it using the Aurora app (where you find all apps you find in Google play).


I would even extend the recommendation to get all apps through Aurora or f-droid.
“Apps” uses some obscure sources for the apps, which cannot be traced.

I used /e/ on my FP2 and also used Aurora and F-dorid. Never used /e/ store…

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