Using a GoPro with Fairphone 3 +

Just wondering if anyone has managed to connect a GoPro to the GoPro Quik app on a 3 +. Everything looks fine but it cannot access the camera.

Are you connecting via wifi as the usb port may not transfer video?

Yes trying to use wifi.

I haven’t a GoPro the only ideas I have are from this forum. There’s an option to cast that used for a PC or TV etc. I’ll find info on that and post back.

I know it’s not the same but may give you a clue as to what to try until someone gives you a clear answer.

UPDATE: Check out this topic especially post 15

Thanks for your response.

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I have used my FP3 (not “+” version) many times connected to a Xiaomi Yi action cam (similar to GoPro camera) and I think that I connected it to a old GoPro once too, so I’m pretty sure that it would work for sure :thinking: (by connect it, I mean link the camera and the FP3, so you can see the image of your GoPro in the FP3 screen, control the GoPro settings (or starting recordings) directly from your smartphone, and also check previous recordings in your FP3 screen).


Thanks for the response. After various searches I have come to the conclusion that the problem lies with the wifi frequency. The GoPro is very wifi dependent and just as the 3 + will not connect to my wifi expander neither will it connect to the GoPro so I think the frequency is the issue.

Just to confirm after changing the wifi setting to automatic the 3 + connected to the GoPro immediately.


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