Useful hint: Adding aptX support for your FP2 on LOS

Hi everyone,
I just installed the aptX codec from

and it works perfectly.
Maybe some other people can confirm this working - and also, maybe, this can be merged into the official builds?


Hi taurui,

How did you do ? Just install ZIP file from recovery ?
What’s the difference between aptx, aptxhd, aptxhd-system … ? Which one should I use ?


Yeah, I just installed the zip in recovery. And I used aptx - it seems that aptx HD is not supported by our SOC, so I did not test it.

I also installed the aptx file, and aptx HD is not supported by many devices.
How did you checked that it was correctly working ?
As far as I could see it’s a little bit “technical”.


In fact, my headphones had a speech-out which said “AptX activated” after the .zip was installed and I connected my headphones.
Otherwise I would have to go deeper in the system - I think someone in the xda thread describes how to do it. But I never had to :slight_smile:

Which brand is your headphone ?
I gave a look to xda thread but it looks complicated for me.


It was a Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless that I had for testing purposes

Good to know if I want to try !

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