Used Fairphone 2 for sale

I’ve just upgraded to an FP4 after 5 years, and have an old FP2 to sell, if anyone wants to make an offer?

It still works but is quite slow. It has the following issues:

Bottom module (my 3rd!) doesn’t work so no microphone
Battery drains pretty fast so will need replacing soon
Screen is marked (see pics)
Red backplate has a piece missing from the bottom right corner

I’m in the UK so that is preferred, but if you’re outside the UK I can send it without the battery.

I can take payment through PayPal or bank transfer. I’ll package very securely and send it by tracked post. I’m innerglee on eBay if you want to see my feedback there.



Hi. Just to point out, that although you show the screen on, it’s customary to show the date as a sign it is working today :slight_smile:
All the best.


Thanks! Have added a new pic


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