Use of FM Tuner on Fairphone3


I bought a Fairphone 3 two weeks ago, and I am surprised that I couldn’t find an AM/FM tuner app.

  • Do you know if anything has been developed to use a tuner without web connection and without ads?

  • If nothing has been done in this direction, do you know if we could create a tuner app with the Fairphone 3 specification?

I ask that cause it is very useful and I don’t want to buy another system for this use!

Thank you in advance for your help.


There’s no FM radio :frowning: hence no app.


Welcome to the Fairphone community.
As the FP3 misses the necessary hardware, a FM tuner app is not possible.


If still with 14 days call Fairphone and send it back if you are not happy with the FP3


Yes, I was disappointed too, when I found there was no tuner on the FP3. After all, it’s a lot more eco-friendly than streaming… I suppose the standard reply is that analogue radio will soon be a thing of the past. Personally I hope it will last a few more years!


It’s not just analogue radio which I agree is preferable but digital radio can be picked up via air waves that are not network or wifi so I could listen to the radio when out of network range up a mountain or on a far away beach etc.


And more on the issue

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It’s a pity indeed, FP3 does not have analog (FM), nor digital (DAB+) radio !
Though, I read in another topic on this forum that the FM receiver is present, but its connection to the earphone socket, required for the cable to act as an aerial, would be missing…


It’s not possible cause I bought it in France, the reseller is not Fairphone…

It’s something very sad…

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Thanks, strange progress, strange feeling…

It is really strange and no standard reply because no answer at all from Fairphone support.

Did you email

You would normally get an acknowledgment within a day but it may take a week or more for a response as it wouldn’t be classed as urgent as they don’t state there is an FM tuner.

It’s problem with some distributors that say or did say there is.

And I doubt it’s as simple as mentioned that the speaker is not connected more like the radio does not go to the amplifier.


Hello amoun, I didn’t really mention that, but the fact that the aerial input of the fm tuner wouldn’t be connected to the earphone jack socket, which is required for the earphone cable to be used as an antenna.


I have received an answer from support. Two suggestions are made:

  1. Use a tuner app with internet connection. (Not my will.)
  2. Use forum advice and ask Fairphone team for technical information to develop my own app.

So, could it be helpful to ask Fairphone about this connection between the fm aerial input and the earphone jack socket ?
For you Tecnophil, nothing could be done to solve this problem ?


That seems a bit nonsensical as by contacting support is about as close to the technical team you are going to get ??

I may ask Fairphone the same :slight_smile:

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