USB port on Fairphone 2

Will the micro USB port on the Fairphone 2 be the right way round? In other words, will the curved side be at the front of the phone and the straight side be at the back, like most Android phones, or will it be the same as the FP1? On the original Nexus it was also the wrong way round but Google corrected it on later models.

In the animation it looks like it’s the other way around than on the FP1.
But I guess for many “FP1 to FP2 upgraders” who didn’t have an android before the FP1 this will feel like “the wrong way around”.


lol, I have experience with 5 different Android phones and the only one that has the USB flipped like that is my gf’s Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

In other words, for me having the curved side up feels like the wrong way around. Granted, the other three phones were all HTC devices, so maybe it’s a HTC thing.

In the end though, I couldn’t care less. After plugging it in 2 or 3 times you’re used to it.




Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle combined with murphy’s law

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Thanks for the replies.