USB port fp4 cable always falls out

The USB cable (tested different ones) doesn t stick very Well in the port. It’s get loose, it doesn t charge fast or not even. I can not used for tethering.

Do i have to change the port? Can i do this myself?

Thank you


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

You can change the port yourself, but it may be worth contacting as you probably have a valid warranty

Did you check for debris in the port and clean it? This can be quite compressed

Do you possibly use a protective cover and the plugs are too big to fit in the opening?

speaking of usb c cables and or port on FP4: i have the original fp4 bumper, green fone, green bumper, bought right from the start.

i always wanted to post, that the cutout, the hole in the original case / bumper of FP4 is too narrow too small for many usb c cables (plugs) i have around, that always bothered me. some default amazon basic usb c cablrey dont fit into the cut out.

i donno exactly if any usb c plug standards and consortium details speak about these kind of things, exact measurements and so forth, but i guess there is some stuff to follow.

anyhow, some other bumpers on other phones have larger cutout holes and the usb c cables i have come across fit there much better. please enhance this in the future, maybe for new revisions of the fp4 original bumper case or for the FP5 or whatever in the future.

Hi @abittner

please keep in mind that this is a community forum fur FP users to discuss and exchange information.
If you want to provide feedback to Fairphone directly for that anything changes: Contact Fairphone directly and don´t try it here via the forum. That´s futile …



For technical stuff (and especially USB cables, adapters, etc) the amazon default stuff is usually total crap manufacturered by noname third party companies. (Besides the conditions of the workers) do yourself and your devices and equipment something good by ignoring such usually cheap stuff if you don´t want to buy it twice :wink:
Regularily in tech-tests such equipment is found out to stick not at least to any norms and may harm your equipment.


To add to DonFnord’s note.

Cheap cables may not even work that well so why would Fairphone go out of their way to make their use more convenient.

I imagine as you said there is a standard which hopefully Fairphone use.

I had the same with some ‘official’ cable with my FP3 and my Raspberry Pi, (mini HDMI) so I just cut back the plastic around the metal. The case wasn’t official in that instance :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies.

  • I am using a cable that somebody else also uses with her FP4 and their it is always 'fast charging".
  • I have also charged without the protective cover, and i can put the usb full in., but same problems
  • I kind of have to put the cable in a certain position for it to recharge, and sometimes, with some minimous angle, i even get fast charging.

How is the best way to clean the USB portal without damaging (is there a video link)

Thank you


A magnifying glass and either a thin sliver of wood, bamboo is good or mroe carefully with a needle.

I cleaned my daughters with a needle as the contacts had become tarnish, blame the baby chewing on the phone, so I had to lightly scratch the pins. Before that it would charge at all.

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