USB / MTP problem... already solve ;)

Hi all!
I just wanted to put this post to suggest a solution if you have a problem of USB connexion (can’t connect my FP to my computer as an USB Storage).

I thaugth to many ideas to solve my problem:

  • I’m stupid and I don’t remember the way to the option permitting the USB storage connexion
  • my FP is not updated… or any android app
  • I am damned
  • the USB port of my FP is broken

… but in fact, that was just the USB cable that was just good to charge the batteries, but not good to connect the FP as a USB storage! I didn’t know that that type of cable or that type of failure could exist.

So, I change the cable and my life is very cooler. I can transfer all my podcats :wink:
Greatings to all and have a good holiday!


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