USB Debugger no access from Ubuntu Mate PC on FP2

and again… it seems for the last 2 years I did not save any fotos from my fp2 to the pc. Anyway it did not work the last time some months ago.
Debugging enabled - but no menu which shows : device will be loaded via USB.
I reach the menu where I can choose mid ptp or whatsoever … but it does not show up as mobile device in the file manager on the pc.
I’ d guess that with the updates these recent years the way to get the fotos from the fp2 has completely changed (?)
No chance either to get some fotos loaded into my mail as annex though I gave firefox allowance to my foto gallery…
Happy New Year by the way :slight_smile:

Just to understand: do you have both USB debugging and MTP/data transfer mode enabled?

As far as I know there was no change. Leave USB debugging off, connect the phone via data cable and select “data transfer” on the phone (not sure what Android version you’re running, in older ones I think it was named “MTP” instead of “data transfer”).

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thank you - problem solved: the cable was just broke


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