USB control chips: Qualcomm PMI632 and PM8953

I am looking for some microchips for the motherboard of the FP3, namely the Qualcomm PMI632 and PM8953 - alternatively, if you know, I could use the specific modelnumbers of the chips and it might be possible to get them from Alibaba or some such.

FP support has not been able to assist with this specific issue, but I would hate having to upgrade to the fp5 just because of a burnt out microchip. My local technician is willing to exchange the chip if I can get it.

Really hope you can help.

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You need to change yellow and orange chips of this image:

I’m not really sure of the links, but it seems to be:
Edit;First link was wrong so I have deleted to not confuse (10 pieces)

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Maybe @sarofel can help?


Thank you @paolo-caroni and @yvmuell for your suggestions! I will see if sarofel can confirm it is those specific chips and then order in a few days. Thanks again!

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The orange one is the PMI632 902-00 and the yellow one is the PM8953-0VV.
Until now i changed only the PMI632. But now i have a FP3 that didnt revive changing that. So i will change the PM8953 in the next days and notify if it worked.


Thank you so much! Hope it works :smile:

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