USB connector resoldering didn't work (Vienna) - no connection FP1

Hi guys, i brought my phone to the repair place recommented in vienna. Now i they had many trouples to fix the usb plug from the phone. Afterwords the phone is only rebooting in blue screen i tried to connect via Flashtool and or via recovery mode but i cant connect to the phone. Has someone a comparable expirience? Is there a possebilty to connect to the phone.

i tried all the recomments from further posts and the fairphone instruction manuals and also the xda - todo.

greetings christoph

If they did not fix your phone, they must either attempt it again (1 year warranty on repairs) or you should request your money back or even have them replace the lost value of your phone.

thx for the respond. it is a little bit more complicated. They opened it and called me that there is a problem with the connection of some part it looks like it was open (ok hmm it wasn’t open). Then they tried to fix the charger usb connector - like they did many times before also from other fairphone1. But then it didnt work. so it took another week and another week and they tried more and more. Afterwerds it was more then 1,5 months i got my phone back and they tried to start “bamm” - bluescreen. I didnt pay anything but i also have now no chance to get something back.

I met a guy from Maker Austria two weeks ago and he told me about their repair cafe. He said that they could resolder the USB connectors. Here is their webpage:

You should check them out (but contact them beforehand so that they can bring along all the stuff needed).

Your other option from my point of view would be to contact Fairphone and take part in their buy back program (you get a refund for your FP2 if you send back your FP1 with either of the screen or the mother board intact).

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