USB-Connection does not work after update on OS 1.3.6

As the headline said, the USB-Connection to my Laptop does not work since I updateted to Fairphone OS 1.3.6. How can I choose the right adjustment for the laptop connection? Thanks!

In the notification center (when you scroll down from above), there you should see the USB options, when you have connected your FP2 to your Laptop. The correct options may be PTP, MTP or mount SDcard, depending what you want to do.

Thats the thing, since I updateted to 1.3.6 this usb-options are not there anymore

Ok, that’s not good. Sorry, but are you sure you are using a data cable? Have you tried other cables, other USB port or restarted your laptop? I didn’t update my FP2 till now, so i guess i’m not very helpfull here, sorry :wink:

Thanks, apperently it was not a datacable, i didn’t knew, that there are two kinds of cable. What a shit, so it doesn’t have a real impact on the environmental-care to replace all different cable to a single new one if you still need two cable or have to look carefully which you buy. at least they are looking like the same.

That’s of course the same with all other smartphones. But most of the cables you could buy today are data cables.

Thank you, I had an iPhone until a few days and I didn’t notice it there

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