USB cable worth the Fairphone community for charging of the mobile devices without loose contact problems

I didn’t get my Fairphone from Fairphone itself but from the only other supplier in the Netherlands (Belsimpel) and I randomly bought a charger there as well, works perfectly! I think it was about 20 euros. Isn’t it usually the case that when you buy through a ‘regular’ store and pay a ‘regular’ price, these cables are usually pretty good? I only ever had problems with cheaper cables from typically cheap stores. Also with cables that came with my phones (Samsung), but only after several years of heavy duty use.

The saddest cables I’ve ever seen were from iphone users, but I might be biased, however their charging ports were changing too often for people to get a good quality 3rd party charging cable and keep it. The company themselves made mistakes going for the looks over usability. And it’s not just apple, it’s everyone, making brash unwholesome decisions for the sake of profits, this is how they treat their customers, like sheep. That’s a fact.

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Not necessarily. It’s often a wrong assumption or expectation. The price itself does not proof a certain quality or compatibility level. So you were lucky with your charger, but other FP3 users here reported that no USB-C charger they already owned was working with the FP3.

For the FP2, I’ve had several of these cables for a few years, only one of them broke. I’ve even run over a cable with my desk chair, and it worked perfectly after bending the connector back to shape. Plus, they’re reversible on both sides.


Looks ok. Mesh coating often is used for more sturdy cables. Interesting to know how they did this with reversibility. :thinking: The first one I see of such type.

A reversible type A usb would’ve been a game changer, I think the main issue was durability.


There is also the InCharge. Meant to have with you on keycord. I use mine as a spare.

It isn’t fully reversible though. In fact you can plug it in both ways with USB-A but only one side will work. With regards to lightning/microUSB these use the same plug.

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“InCharge” looks nice too. If I had came across of it earlier I probably would had backed for one or two. But meanwhile I have enough accessories for my needs.

See, that’s my thought on this. So I see it as a solution to maybe keep the ports living a bit longer if one has limited fine motor skills to give a 50/50 chance for getting the plug inserted. But if it does not connect one have to reconnect again 180° which can speed up the wear of the port. If it’s not contacting in either way there would not be any benefit for me personally.

I only once had a small USB stick in hands being made like this keeping music of my GF.
She wanted to tell me I ought to look out how I insert it, as I started a short discussion about the mechanical construction of USB connections.
After I tested it I was surprised that I actually could insert it in either way but it only worked in one way.
My first though was to dump that piece of non-compliant crap. I thought, what for should that be useful having to remember how to insert it correctly.
I hardly need two attempts with conventional connectors, but this way I have a 50/50 chance of inserting it correct if there are no clear signs. Not my favored.

USB-C is fine though as I shortly found a good diagram of how the pins are assigned. It contacts in either way which is a progress.

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I use the cable for my Nintendo pro controller to charge my phone in my car by the way. Works like a charm!

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