USB-C pins are twisted

Hey, that’s awesome! Btw. If get to do that, would you consider publishing an instructional video or blog post on it? :slight_smile:


Thank you for your idea urs_lesse
I will contact support first because the guarantee is running.

If I change the module I will contact you after.

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If you damage your phone the guarantee on the damaged part is most probably void.


You are right of course. But I will try.

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Here is a picture of the damaged connector.
I cannot make it bigger, but we could see on the bottom-left that something blocks the USB-C cable. Maybe using a screwdriver I can change it ?

Looks like the plastic support for the contacts is broken at the left side. As the contacts in a USB-C port are very small (there are 12 on both sides) they might accidentally touch each other after you push them back in place with a screwdriver.

I have checked the pinout of the USB-C connector, the pins at the end only provide ground (last pin on both sides) and USB 3.0/3.1 (the next two pins on top & bottom). As the Fairphone does not support USB 3.0/3.1, I expect that the 2nd and 3rd pin on either side are not connected to anything, so the phone is likely not harmed by accidentally shorting them to each other or the ground. However, if you connect the phone to a computer capable of USB 3 using a USB 3-compatible cable, you may cause problems on the computer’s end.


as I did here?


Thank you so much for your deap analyze !
If I understand, there should be no way to repair it ? Only changing the module ?

It’s not a good new about USB3.x uncompatibility and risk of damage. Is it possible having the light from FP team ?

This is a community forum, FP team members read it at times but not every thread. If you want an FP reply, you might need to contact support, but I expect they will just tell you to change your module. The community is often more creative than support agents are: @ElKrasso already offered to try soldering a new port to your module so it could be re-used. That would be a very sustainable solution to your problem.

About causing damage: I do not know how computers handle shorted data lines. I know that they tend to have fuses to protect against shorted power lines, which reset themselves after some hours. Maybe an electronics expert local to you could have a better look at the port with a looking glass to judge the damage, I cannot distinguish the individual pins on your photo.

About the lack of USB3: in practice this just means that the data rate through the USB port is limited to the USB2 maximum (60MB/s theoretically, 30MB/s in practice).


Just to mention it (most of us regulars will probably take it for granted, but …) for completeness’ sake:

Messing with the modules’ internals is not covered by warranty.


Just said, not to create expectations:
It would be my first try to repair a FP3 bottom module.
I need to find and order the right USB C part and desolder ist without damaging the PCB.
I do have the skills to make it happen, but also the experience that a repair can fail.


I contacted the support yesterday.
I didn’t have success to negociate something, but the module is available in the online store.
I’m waiting for it.
@Elkrasso, if you want the damage module, tell me how you imagine making the shipment.

I am located in northern Germany. If a handover is not possible due to far distance a padded mail would do the job, I think.

I’m located in France in Elsass, Germany is near by me but South of Germany.
I’ve looked at Mondial Relay shippment, it would cost 10€ for 2Kg.
If you are alright to pay it first I would like to send you the module in a good package.

As it is not urgent and you live near the German border, there is maybe the time when you are in Germany. A mail in a padded envelope costs less than 2€ inside Germany.


This is it !
I’ve received the bottom module after only 24h and changed it for 10mn. Great !
Ok ElKrasso, next time I will go in Germany I will contact you before for your post address.
Thank you all of you for your help !


Hello ElKrasso,
I will be in Germany on saturday 22th of february.
Can you give me please your post address, I don’t know if there is a private tool using this forum ?


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